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  • Wooden Camera D-Box Gold-Mount Base Unit for Power Distribution

    Wooden Camera

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    The D-Box Gold-Mount Base Unit from Wooden Camera allows you to add up to 6 user-selectable power outputs including 2-pin LEMO, 4-pin LEMO, 4-pin Hirose, 3-pin Fischer, D-Tap, and USB (not included). You can add up to 6 simultaneous outputs with a maximum draw of 10A limited by an accessible fuse. The left side panel opens to service fuse and to disconnect and remove connector panels. The D-Box Gold-Mount unit comes standard with a male Gold-Mount on one side and female Gold-Mount on the other. Power is passed through to D-Box and to camera.


    Key Features

    • Add up to 6 Optional Power Outputs
    • Maximum Draw of 10A

    SKU 204800