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  • Vanco Analog Audio over Cat 6/5e Cable Extender Set


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    Key Features

    • Extend Audio Range up to 1968'
    • Transmit Audio over Cat 6/5e RJ45 Cable
    • Choose Between Dual RCA or 3.5mm Audio
    • Compact Transmitter and Receiver
    • No Power Supply Required


    Place your speakers in just the right location with this Analog Audio over Cat 6/5e Cable Extender Set from Vanco. This extender set allows you to connect an audio source such as a DVD player or computer with speakers or a receiver up to 1968' away. The transmitter and receiver included in this set are passive and do not require a power supply.

    The transmitter box offers a gold-plated dual RCA input or a 3.5mm stereo input for your audio source, which is selectable with a toggle switch. The audio is output over an RJ45 port and can travel up to 1968' over a single Cat 6 or Cat 5e cable. The receiver box has an RJ45 input and also has a selectable dual RCA and 3.5mm output. If you have different audio ports on each end, you can mix and match 3.5mm and RCA by using the select toggle on each box.