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  • *USED* Hudson Spider Mozzie Basic Kit

    hudson spider

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    *This is a used rental item*FINAL SALE ITEM*

    Developed by cinematographers, gaffers, and grips, the Mozzie Basic Kit from Hudson Spider is built around a fixture that measures 29" in diameter and can be set up in five minutes. It breaks down and fits into a shock and waterproof rolling cylinder travel case. The fixture's eight hinged aluminum and steel arms can be arranged in a parabolic shape for a total of 1224 closely spaced LEDs that combine to create a soft continuous light source. In addition to softness, the Mozzie has a unique wraparound quality, snappy contrast, and a crisp specular quality that some have called "magical" while most refer to it simply as a beauty light.

    Included is a 100-240 VAC power supply/dimmer, and the color temperature is 2600 to 6000K with a high CRI to indicate superior accuracy in color rendering. It can be dimmed from 0 to 100% and you can make these adjustments locally on the fixture, remotely via onboard DMX from a console, or via wireless DMX with built-in LumenRadio.

    For those requiring directional control and softness options this kit includes a parabolic hexagonal backing. Also included are two umbrellas, a header cable, and a 5/8" Baby Pin with 3/8" threads. It all fits in the shock and waterproof rolling case. 

    The key to recreating the umbrella bounced light look with LEDs is to have them positioned closely together, spread evenly along the length of a parabolic-shaped armature, and focused outwards, not bounced, combining to create one attractive, continuous soft source. This phenomenon makes direct LED a viable alternative to bounced HMI or Tungsten.
    Developed by Filmmakers
    The Mozzie was developed on set by cinematographers, gaffers, and grips to streamline the lighting and production process, making it a little easier to get the job done well.
    "Magical" Light Quality
    There is an inexplicable quality about a parabolic source that some have called "magical." The way the 29" Spider light wraps around the subject is unique. The raw, undiffused LEDs create specular highlights in the skin and eyes and have been referred to as "beauty light."
    Strong and Compact
    The Mozzie is built robustly with the strongest materials. It is quick to collapse down to a cylinder - a fraction of its open size, and packs into a rolling travel case that is water and shockproof.
    Optional Accessories
    The Mozzie has a steadily growing list of Hudson Spider and 3rd party accessories, which includes diffusion, teasers, soft eggcrates, and softboxes, including an Octa, called Stealth.