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  • SmallRig Dual 15mm LWS Rod Hinge for Battery Mount MD2802


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    Mount and adjust your battery mounting plate on your 15mm LWS rig with this Dual 15mm LWS Rod Hinge from SmallRig. This hinge features 15mm LWS rod ports and a cheese-style mounting plate on a hinge, so it can tilt and adjust at an angle onto your rig that features 15mm LWS rods.

    The aluminum rod mount features two standard 15mm ports with LWS spacing, and each is secured onto separately available 15mm rods using locking levers. The cheese-style plate rotates on a hinge to create different angles for your battery plate, and it features multiple slots and 1/4"-20 threads for mounting.


    Standard 15mm LWS rods
    Battery plate or accessories with 1/4"-20 screws
    Including compatibility with but not limited to:


    • SmallRig VCT-14 Shoulder Plate 1954
    • SmallRig V-Mount Battery Plate 1846
    • SmallRig V-Mount Battery Plate MD2801

    Key Features

    • 15mm LWS Rod Mount with Hinge
    • Mount and Adjust a Battery Plate on Rig
    • Cheese-Style Plate with 1/4"-20 Threads
    • Durable Aluminum Construction

    SKU MD2802