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  • Remote Audio URSA Thigh Strap with Vertical Pouch (Nude)


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    The nude Remote Audio URSA Thigh Strap with Vertical Pouch is designed to rig a wireless transmitter on the talent's thigh for stage and screen purposes. Made of stretchable fabric, the low-profile strap provides comfort and breathability for extended periods of use. A tacky polyurethane grip on the inside prevents the strap from slipping down the leg. The pouch stretches to hold small and large transmitters, and is also lined with polyurethane to keep the transmitter securely in place.

    The strap also includes a cable pocket, which conveniently keeps the microphone cable secure without having to tape it, while at the same time creating a safe strain-relief system if the cable is tugged on. The strap's 1mm ultra-slim material helps eliminate costume issues and features an outer surface that grips hook-and-loop fasteners at any point. The URSA Thigh Strap is manufactured by hand in the United Kingdom.