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  • RDL RU-ADA8D - Audio Distribution Amplifier


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    Key Features

    • 8 Channels of Stereo Audio Distribution
    • 16 Channels of Mono Audio Distribution
    • Front-Panel Input Level Trim Controls
    • Front-Panel Output Level Trim Controls
    • Dual-LED VU Meters for Both Inputs
    • Detachable Terminal Block Connections
    • Input Peak LEDs


    The RU-ADA8D by RDL is an eight channel stereo audio distribution amplifier with input and output gain adjustments and input level metering. The module may be operated in mono to provide up to sixteen distributed mono signals. The inputs and outputs are connected on rear-panel detachable terminal blocks.

    Each of the two line-level inputs accepts either a balanced or unbalanced signal. Each input is equipped with a front panel Input Gain trim control. Input signal levels between -14 dBV unbalanced and +9 dBu balanced may be set to the proper operating level as indicated by a dual-LED VU meter. This assures ample headroom at all normal operating levels. The maximum input level is +25 dBu.

    A rear-panel switch selects between stereo and mono operation. In the mono position, input A (left) is used to drive all 16 output channels. When the module is used in a monaural system, only input A must be wired.

    Audio outputs are isolated from each other and may be wired balanced or unbalanced. Each of the outputs is provided with a front panel screwdriver-adjusted Output Level control. Relative to a balanced +4 dBu output level, this gain potentiometer allows an adjustment range from -9 dB to +6 dB. Relative to an unbalanced -10 dBV output, each output potentiometer allows an adjustment from -3 dB to +12 dB.

    The RU-ADA8D offers generous headroom, low distortion, crosstalk isolation, wide frequency response and low noise with high common-mode signal rejection. It provides quality performance for professional audio applications.