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Pancro 4oz Professional Lens Cleaner Spray Bottle

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The Pancro 4oz Professional Lens Cleaner Spray Bottle is a cleaning fluid that is ideal for removing smudges, as well as for generally cleaning your optics. This 4 oz bottle of Pancro Professional Lens Cleaner does not leave streaks or residue, and is a non-toxic spray solution. The Pancro 4oz Professional Lens Cleaner Spray Bottle features a fast-drying formula and is an ideal accessory to have with you on location. The convenient spray bottle design is mess-free and allows for a quick application to lenses or other optical components. 

Pancro Lens cleaning Fluid was judged the hands down best lens cleaning solution at the Camera Assistant Olympics a few years back. It is considered the absolute best product in its field and is the first choice by most Camera Assistants world-wide. Made in USA.

Key Features

  • No Streaking or Residue
  • Non-Toxic Solution
  • Fast Drying
  • Spray Bottle
  • Made in the USA

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