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  • OBSBOT Tiny Smart Remote Control 2


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    Key Features

    • Designed for Tiny Series Webcams
    • USB-A Receiver Unit
    • Built-In Laser Pointer
    • Embedded AI Features
    • Up to Four Devices
    • Three Preset Positions

    The OBSBOT Tiny Smart Remote 2 is an upgraded controller compatible with the Tiny webcam series with embedded AI modes and built-in laser pointer. Insert the USB-A receiver unit into your personal computer and control up to four compatible devices wirelessly. The remote also allows you to create three preset positions for the connected devices and control the movements of the gimbal-based structure of the webcam. AI features from the Tiny series webcam like close-up mode, desk mode, and hand tracking can be accessed from the remote. The laser-whiteboard function button can be held down to toggle the laser pointer or double-clicked to enter or exit whiteboard close-up mode. The remote is powered by two separately available AA batteries.

    Onboard Controls
    • Choose device
    • Preset position
    • Gimbal control, reset position
    • Zoom in and out
    • Human tracking, hand tracking
    • Close-up mode
    • Desk mode
    • Laser-Whiteboard
    • Hyperlink
    • Page up and down
  • OBSBOT Tiny Smart Remote Control 2
  • USB-A Receiver
  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty