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  • Modern Film Tools Horseshoe i/o Top Plate - For Komodo (No Rosettes)

    Modern Film Tools

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    The HORSESHOE i/o Top Plate connects with Komodo’s EXT with the included a 9-pin to 9-pin jumper cable and breaks out RED RCP2 CTRL (SmallHD camera control), TIME CODE + GENLOCK and a 3-pin RUN/STOP trigger port and allows the use of both BP batteries or 3rd Party battery plate adapters.

    For SmallHD touch control - use this cable - to directly connect the Horseshoe i/o Top Plate and SmallHD Focus Pro, Cine 7, and 702 Touch monitors. Camera Control for RED® KOMODO™ (Software Only) required from SmallHD

    The top plate features 14 x 1/4-20 mounting holes and 3 x 3/8-16 mounting holes and two ARRI standard rosettes (M6 thread).

    • 5 pin connector for Timecode input with Genlock input via pin #4 allowing for TC & GEN input to camera with a single cable. (pin1: GND, pin-2: LTC-IN, pin-3: N/C, pin-4: GEN-IN, pin-5: LTC-OUT)

    • 3 pin run / stop trigger connector for standard run/stop cables and FIZ control systems. (pin1: GND, pin2: N/C, pin3: GPI)

    • 4 pin connector for RED CTRL (RCP2 / Komodo protocol) (pin-1: GND, pin-2: RX, pin-3: GPO, pin-4: TX)

    • Compatible with GDU KOMODO MONITOR MOUNT

    • Compatible with GDU Timmy Ribs for KOMDOD

    • Compatible with KipperTie Revolva RF/PL

    • LT (no ARRI rosettes) version is compatible with Tilta Komodo cage.


    (2) 1/4-20 x captured screws

    (1) 9-pin to 9-pin EXT Jumper Cable (Komodo camera EXT port > HORSESHOE i/o Top Plate)

    (1) Adapter Plate for Wooden Camera - Top Mount Only (RED Komodo, ARCA Swiss) w/(2) low profile 1/4-20 screws


    Weight: 5.7 ounces (LT model), 7.3 ounces (w/ARRI Rosettes)

    Dimensions: 101.6 x 107.95 x 19.05 mm (4 x 4.25 x .75 in)

    Standard version: SKU: SQ5394561, UPC:808887124938

    LT version (no ARRI rosettes): SKU:SQ9904126