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  • Matthews Super Mafer Clamp with 5/8" Pin - Black


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    The Matthews Super Mafer Clamp with 5/8" Pin - Black is strong enough to withstand greater clamping pressure than any other clamp of its kind. The protective pads in the jaws have superb gripping action.

    The end of the Mafer Clamp has a locking Baby (5/8") female receptor which accepts accessories with matching studs as well as the included 5/8" (16 mm) snap-in pin.

    Uses include pipe, stand, flex-arm or flag mounting.

    A Baby (5/8" diameter) snap-in pin is included for mounting light fixtures.
    Snap-in pins have a hexagonal end that locks into place in the Mafer Clamp, assuring a tight grip.
     SKU 541004