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  • 25' Black Foil Roll (1', 2')

    Studio Depot

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    • Black anodized aluminum foil
    • Primarily used to block out light and is attached to light fixtures and or their barn doors
    • Used in any situation where extreme heat might otherwise burn flags or cutters

      This Black Foil is the perfect way to control the lighting on your set. This foil can be used to black out windows when shooting indoors. Simply pull the desired amount of foil off of the roll and apply with tape to the window you are trying to black out. This opaque foil is a great alternative to bulky, and heavy duvetyn. This foil can also be attached to light fixtures or barn doors to harness and focus your lighting the way you want! Sometimes, your lightsource may be too hot to use a flag or cutter, and in this case the Black Foil Roll can be used as a safe and effective way to control your lighting. Buy 10 for $19.95 ea.

      • 12" or 24" X 25' Roll
      • Use to black out windows
      • Attaches to light barn doors