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  • Kupo Shorty Stand (7')


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    Key Features
    • 5/8" Receiver
    • 5/8" Pin with 1/4"-20 and 3/8-16" Screws
    • 19.8 lb Max Load Capacity
    • 84" Maximum Height
    • 27.6" Folded Length
    • 4 Sections
    • 27" Footprint

    The Shorty Stand from Kupo is a multipurpose stand designed for lightweight use. It reaches heights of up to 7' on three adjustable risers and supports gear weighing up to 19.8 lb.

    A versatile and compact stand created with portability in mind is an invaluable addition to many creative professionals' kits. The Shorty Stand is one such stand and sports several features to ensure reliability and longevity. Instead of assembling the lightweight aluminum components with permanently-placed rivets, Kupo has opted for a nut-and-bolt-based construction. This makes the Shorty Stand much easier to disassemble, maintain, and reassemble to preserve the integrity of the stand's four sections over a longer period of time.


    The Shorty Stand has enhanced utility over other similar stands thanks to a simple convertible top mounting system. An included 5/8" spigot with integrated 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded screws is removable to use the stand with the 5/8" receiver. When maneuvering around the set becomes a priority, the legs of the stand can be equipped with Kupo casters (available

    Kupo Shorty Stand (7') Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty