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  • Kramer VS-42UHD 4x2 4K UHD HDMI Matrix Switcher


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    The VS−42UHD 4K UHD HDMI Matrix Switcher from Kramer is a 4x2 matrix switcher for 4K UHD HDMI signals. It re-clocks and equalizes the signals and can route any input to either or both outputs simultaneously.

    • Up to 8.91 Gb/s data rate (2.97 Gb/s per graphics channel)
    • Suitable for resolutions up to UXGA and 4K 
    • Supports HDCP (High-Definition Digital Content Protection) and HDMI signals
    • True video clock detection 
    • Automatic switching modes (last connected and priority switching)
    • Supports 3D, Deep Color, x.v.Color, Lip Sync , ARC, HEAC pass-through, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS−HD, and 7.1 multichannel audio
    • I-EDIDPro Kramer Intelligent EDID Processing that ensures plug-and-play operation for HDMI systems
    • Programmable step-in functionality when used in conjunction with compatible step-in devices, such as SID-X3N, DIP-30, and DIP-31 (using an HDMI cable that supports HEC, the HDMI Ethernet Channel)
    • Non-volatile EDID storage 
    • Kramer reKlocking and Equalization Technology that rebuilds the digital signal to travel longer distances
    • Static or dynamic DHCP IP addressing
    • Embedded web pages that provide remote configuration and operation 
    • A lock button to prevent unwanted tampering with the buttons on the front panel
    • Support for Kramer Protocol 3000
    • An RC - IR3 Remote Control is separately available