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  • K-Tek KSQD1 Squid Universal Mount


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    The K-Tek KSQD1—or the Squid, as it’s more commonly known—is a convenient, stretchy solution for mounting a transmitter, mobile device, remote, and more to a tripod, handgrip, and yes, even a boompole. The Squid is made of silicone, quite elastic and strong, and stretches to provide a solid grip over the device. The silicone doubles as a barrier to shield the equipment, behaving in some ways as a shock absorber. As the Squid is translucent, you can see your controls and status indications quite easily.

    Attaching something like a transmitter to the top end of your boompole with the Squid you can achieve better RF range, as well as stability as you swing the boom to and fro. Also, the silicone material adds little weight to the endeavor, which, as any boompole operator can tell you, is a plus. You can even attach a camera with a gimbal to the top of the boom, achieving drone-like shots. You can also use this device on tripod legs, antenna masts, or indeed, any tube-shaped object.