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  • Ignite Digi Accessory Mount for Ronin 2 Grip (Orange)

    Ignite Digi

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    We designed this low profile mount to provide gimbal operators more rigging flexibility on set. Perfect for Easyrig ⅜" Ball Stud Quick Release and monitor arms!

    Hard anodised in orange or black, this Accessory Mount installs onto your Ronin 2 Grip (carbon fibre ring) with four M4 x 10mm socket head cap screws. The underside of the mount follows the octagonal contours of the ring to prevent twist and rotation.

    It provides three ⅜"-16 threads with ARRI standard pin connectors (pin-loc) for securely mounting your accessories.

    Additionally, you'll find multiple ARRI spaced M4 threads featured on this mount. They’re in pairs positioned on the front and back, plus four pairs on top. These threads are ideal for mounting an ARRI RMB-3 and rod mounted EVF for example.

    Our Accessory Mount is similar to the Ronin 2 Top Mounting Block which ships with the Ronin 2 Professional Combo. They differ in a few ways:

    ‣ DJI version only provides four ¼”-20 threads + two pairs of M4’s on top

    ‣ Ignite Digi version provides three ⅜"-16 threads with ARRI pin-loc + 6 pairs of M4’s on multiple sides

    An additional benefit of our design is the centrally located ⅜"-16 thread on the top surface. This means when using an Easyrig, the gimbal is centred and balanced.

     ‣ DJI Ronin 2 Grip (carbon fibre ring)

     ‣ Six M4 x 10mm socket head cap screws

    3.10oz / 88g including four M4 screws


    2.0 x 2.2 x 0.98” / 51 x 56 x 25mm