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  • Hosa MIT-435 ImpedanceTransformer - Low-Z Female XLR to Hi-Z Male 1/4" Phone Jack


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     Key Features

    • Matches 200 Ohms to 50 Kilohms
    • Connect a Microphone to a Hi-Z Jack

    The Hosa Impedance Transformer XLR Female Mic Low-Z to Instrument 1/4" Male Hi-Z features a Lo-Z female 3-pin XLR input to a Hi-Z male 1/4" phone jack, designed to match 200 ohms to 50 kilohms impedance. It is ideal for connecting a Lo-Z microphone to a Hi-Z instrument jack, matching the impedances. 

    Maximizes signal fidelity when using impedance mismatched gear
    Minimizes high-frequency and level loss caused by signal reflections
    Eliminates noise and hum caused by an impedance mismatch
    • Hosa Technology Impedance Transformer XLR Female Mic Lo-Z to Instrument 1/4" Male Hi-Z
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty