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  • Delkin Devices SensorScope SensorSafe Wands Refill Kit (Small, 15-Pack)


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     Key Features

    • Image Sensor Cleaning Tool
    • For 16mm-Tall DX/APS-C Sensors
    • Wrapped with Lint-Free Sterile Fabric
    • Double-Sided Design
    • Wicked to Absorb Excess Fluid
    • For Use with SensorSolution Fluid
    • Includes Cleaning Guide

    This 15-pack refill kit of SensorScope SensorSafe Wands from Delkin Devices is meant to supplement your SensorScope Cleaning System, and is used in conjunction with SensorSolution fluid to clean the image sensor of a digital camera. Each of the wands' heads are wrapped in a soft, lint-free fabric, feature a double-sided design for greater efficiency, and are wicked to absorb any excess fluid during the cleaning process.

    Small-sized SensorSafe Wands are designed for use with image sensors measuring 16mm tall (e.g. DX and APS-C format), and can be used to clean both coated and non-coated CMOS or CCD sensors.
    For use in conjunction with SensorSolution cleaning fluid to remove oils, condensation, pollen, and other debris on the sensor surface.
    Wand's head is wrapped in soft, lint-free, and sterile fabric.
    Double-sided design is wicked to absorb excess fluid for clean, streak-free results.
  • Delkin Devices SensorScope SensorSafe Wands Refill Kit (Small, 15-Pack)
  • Cleaning Guide
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty