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  • Rycote 18cm Super-Softie Wind Shield for Shotgun Mics (Standard Hole)


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    Key Features
    • Wind Noise Protection for Shotgun Mics
    • For Mics Up to 18cm Long & 19-22mm Diam
    • 3D-Tex Material and Open-Cell Foam
    • Slip-On Design
    • High Immunity to Rain-Soaking

      The standard hole Rycote 18cm Super-Softie Wind Shield for Shotgun Mics features an aerodynamic shape and surface structure made from the company's 3D-Tex material, which allows for attenuation of wind noise with acoustic transparency. It is ideal for a variety of sound recording applications including video, ENG and more.

      The 18cm Super-Softie has no rigid internal structure, thus it causes virtually no polar pattern distortion. It's robust design has been engineered for use in challenging environments, and if it becomes rain-soaked, it can be squeezed out and shaken dry quickly. Also, if it becomes coated with dust it can be rinsed quickly without affecting its performance.

      Fits these and similar sized mics:

      • AKG C 568 EB
      • AKG CK 68 ULS C460B Full
      • AKG CK 68 ULS C460B Red
      • BeyerDynamic MCE 86 N (C) S
      • BeyerDynamic MCE 87vs
      • RODE NTG-3
      • Sanken CS-3e
      • Sennheiser ME 66 K6
      • Sennheiser ME 80 K3U
      • Sennheiser MKH 416
      • Sennheiser MKH 418
      • Sony ECM 670
      • Sony ECM 678
      • Sony ECM 680S