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  • Benro A673TM Dual Stage 75MM Bowl Aluminum Tripod Legs *OPEN BOX*


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    Key Features

    • Maximum Height: 61.2"
    • Minimum Height: 17"
    • Load Capacity Up to 110 lb
    • Folds Down to 28"
    • Three Leg Sections
    • Oversized Rotary Clamp Leg Locks
    • Bubble Level
    • Interchangeable Dual-Spike Rubber Feet
    • Padded Carrying Case
    • Includes Super User Group Membership

    The aluminum A673TM Tandem-Leg Video Tripod from Benro is a video tripod with a 75mm bowl, compatible with industry-standard 75mm video heads. The three-section double-tandem leg design allows for height adjustment and offers enhanced torsional rigidity, making this tripod well-suited for use with rigged cameras and heavy loads up to 110 lb. An adjustable and removable mid-level spreader provides control over the A673TM's footprint, and a bubble level helps you hew to the horizon.

    The oversized rotary clamp leg locks are easy to operate even while wearing gloves, requiring only half a turn to lock and unlock. Equipped with dual spikes, the tripod's rubber feet are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as for any type of terrain. 3/8"-16 foot mounts allow the feet to be interchanged as needed. The A673TM comes with a padded carrying case.

    •The legs feature a minimum height of 17" and a maximum height of 61.2".
    •The included mid-level spreader allows for increased stability on uneven surfaces as opposed to a ground spreader which may buckle on uneven surfaces.
    •The tripod's spiked feet provide improved purchase on soft ground, and the included pads can easily be slipped onto the foot spikes when working on slick or delicate surfaces.
    •The legs are individually adjustable in length for working on uneven ground.
    Benro A673TM Aluminum Tandem-Leg Video Tripod (75mm Bowl)
    Carrying Case
    Limited 3-Year Warranty, Extendable by 2 Years with Product Registration