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  • Bright Tangerine Vocas RF-to-PL Lens Adapter Support for RED KOMODO

    Bright Tangerine

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    Secure your Vocas RF-to-PL lens adapter onto your RED KOMODO camera rig using this Vocas RF-to-PL Lens Adapter Support from Bright Tangerine. The durable aluminum support mounts onto the front of the camera at four points around the adapter, securing it to the required LeftField Side Plate Kit in combination with the Top Rail or Run/Stop Top Rail.

    The support secures around the Vocas RF-to-PL lens adapter and onto the plates using the included M3 screws. It ensures that your lens adapter stays rigid and doesn't wiggle or create any extra movement when you are operating the camera. To secure the screws you will need a separately available 2.5mm Allen wrench.

    • For Vocas RF-to-PL Lens Adapter
    • For RED KOMODO Camera & Components
    • 4-Point Harness to Secure Lens Adapter
    • Requires LeftField Side &Top Plates
    • Prevents Adapter Wiggle Movement
    • Installs Using Included M3 Screws
    • Durable Aluminum Construction


    RED KOMODO cinema camera
    Vocas RF-to-PL Lens Adapter

    Requires the installation of:
    Bright Tangerine LeftField Side Plate Kit B4002.0015 + Top Rail B4002.1007
    or Bright Tangerine LeftField Side Plate Kit B4002.0015 + Run/Stop Top Rail

    SKU B4002.1019