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Bright Tangerine Top Bar Bracket for RED V-Raptor

Bright Tangerine

Mount 15mm rods on the top of your RED V-RAPTOR. The bracket clamps onto the RED Monitor Interface monitor mount to provide a simple mounting solution for an EVF mount, lens motors or other accessories. The USB-C socket remains available to connect the DSMC3TM RED Touch 7.0” LCD monitor.

• Clamps onto the RED Monitor Interface monitor mount keeping the USB-C socket
• Supports two standard 15mm rods with individual locks.
• Fine adjustment screw to ensure rods are parallel to optical axis.
• Can be fixed to top B4002.1052 Top Handle for added strength
• Useful for mounting EVF bracket, lens motors & other accessories.
• Bracket can be rotated for high or low mode to suit a wide range of configurations.

SKU B4002.1066

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