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  • BLUESHAPE Canon BP-975 7.2V 54Wh 7500mAh DV Power Pack Battery


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    The Canon BP-975 7.2V 54Wh 7500mAh DV Power Pack Battery from BLUESHAPE works with the same cameras that use BP-975 batteries, such as the RED KOMODO camera where it will also show its voltage information on the camera display. This battery pack features a capacity of 54Wh, 7500mAh, and 7.2V of output power.

    The battery can be charged with most third-party BP-975 chargers, and it can power BP-975 cameras and light fixtures for extended lengths of time. Small and lightweight, lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from memory effects due to charging a partially discharged battery.

    This battery has been officially approved by RED Digital Cinema for use with the KOMODO 6K camera.


    BLUESHAPE CMDual Charger with CMAD975 adapter
    Most original and third-party Canon BP-975 chargers
    Approved by RED for KOMODO 6K camera; shows battery voltage level on the display