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  • What's in Store | October 2019

    What’s in Store

    A Voice & Video Newsletter

    What’s New?


    A few words about new products in the showroom:

    The new kid on the block, Hollyland, and their Mars 300 wireless video transmission system is an affordable, entry-level option for indie filmmakers and video pros who want the convenience of wireless video at a fraction of the cost. The main difference: latency. While higher end systems like the Teradek Bolt boast zero-latency transmission the Mars 300 has a slight delay between what’s being transmitted and what is received on your monitors at the other end. And although the delay is only a fraction of a second, that extra time can make all the difference when pulling focus or remotely controlling a camera.

    For a basic video village where exact timing and pixel-for-pixel quality isn’t 100% necessary, the Mars 300 is a great option and it’s available now in our showroom or at voiceandvideosales.com


    Why own this stuff yourself when we can own it for you?

    The Astra 6x Bi-Color LED Panels are the latest in the 1x1 form factor lights in the Litepanels family and now put out 6 times as much light as the original. Sporting the comparative equivalent of a 200W HMI or a 100W Tungsten, the Astras are perfect for lighting smaller sets or supplementing larger lights like the Gemini 2x1, also by Litepanels (and also available for rent).

    They can be used bare for a harder, punchier source or can be modified with the Litepanels Snapbag and diffusion for a soft, wrappy light perfect for interviews and the like. While Litepanels no longer manufactures the accompanying Snapgrid, we managed to get our hands on them which, when utilized, dramatically improve control, and directionality of your light.

    We offer them as a single or two light kit and also may have one or two on hand for purchase should you feel so inclined. Give us a call or shoot us an email to book these puppies for your next shoot!

    Sigma Art Lenses stormed onto the scene with their incredible image quality, pinpoint sharpness, and dead sexy look to much praise from the photography community. It wasn’t long until the indie crowd caught on and started using the lenses for short films and commercial work. They’ve since released cinevised versions with the same glass, but if you prefer to have the option of autofocus and the generally slimmer profile and reduced weight of the Art series, you’ll love the new zoom and prime lenses we got recently. We have the whole family in stock, so come check them out! 

    What’s the Deal?


    Sales, deals, and discounts from the Showroom:

    Get 20% off compatible Rode and URSA audio accessories with the purchase of any Lavalier system.

    Lav mics are a staple of all kinds of video production including broadcast, documentary, and narrative filmmaking. To help you get started, we’re offering 20% off compatible accessories when you purchase a Rode or Sennheiser lav system.

    *some restrictions apply


    Custom kits, short-run discounts, and other deals from the rental department:

    Get 20% all audio rentals for the rest of 2019 when you purchase an industry-standard Shure SM7B!

    The Shure SM7B is the microphone of choice for podcasters and vocalists over the world with its flat, wide frequency response that enhances the mid-range and high frequencies most characteristic of the human voice.

    We’ve got a selection of mixers and switchers that pair perfectly with the SM7B and that you can use for everything from a gaming channel, to podcast production, to live-streaming of all kinds. If you’re building out a studio and want to take one of these units for test drive, now’s the time. Get 20% off all audio rentals for the rest of 2019 when you purchase an SM7B.

    What’s the Word?

    Tales from the Shop

    Specious speculation and nefarious nincompoopery:

    “The Illuminati Stole My Stuff”

    I’m writing this article to shine a light on the shadowy forces controlling our democracy, distorting our notion of free will, curtailing the world’s red string supply, and perhaps most sinister of all, sloppily stealing stuff from our shop. That’s right, if you haven’t been blinded by the fake news, you’ll have heard that the dark forces of the global elite have conspired to commit grand larceny against our humble A/V store.

    We’ve become too powerful, too woke, and too resistant to their influence and they’ve raised their fists at our defiance! At approximately 4am on Wednesday morning, they sent one of their operatives, highly trained in the art of disguise, to smash their way into our store and make away with a seemingly random assortment of gear from our rental studio.

    But was it random? Were his jean shorts, cleverly visible white New Balance sneakers, and fake nose and glasses mask just part of an ill conceived break-in perpetrated by a twacked-out redneck or is that just what they want us to think?

    No, I can’t be lulled into a false sense of believing that this was just completely random happenstance. The timing of it all is just too perfect.

    October 10th? 10/10?! Could they be more brazen?! The number 10; the number of heaven and the world and of universal creation. Interstate 10, one of the only Highways that stretches across the entirety of this once great land, just like their grip on all facets of our lives. The Greek ‘deca’ represented by what shape? You guessed it, the TRIANGLE! The triangle and it’s all seeing Illuminati eye keeping watch over us and steering us inevitably towards their new world order.

    *Praise to our brothers and sisters at mysticalnumbers.com for being bold and brave enough to make this truth available to you and me and all of those awake enough to see*

    That’s not even mentioning the list of “seemingly random” items they made off with; amongst other things, a production switcher, wireless lavalier mics, a lighting kit, and a broadcast grade ENG camera. The revolution is going to be live-streamed, friends! Not by us, not by the resistance. But by the dark forces of the global elite.

    The perpetrator himself is no doubt a patzi, a gun for hire with no idea what masters he’s served. But we must find him nonetheless before the powers that be decide to cut their losses and send him to the bottom of  the San Diego river, if it’s even deep enough.

    Help us track down this petty criminal and maybe, just maybe, he can lead us back to the stolen equipment and, if we’re lucky, even the Illuminati masters behind the plot.

    Until next time, friends, keep your eyes open and your cheeks clenched.


    When humanity seems to be failing you, seek knowledge from the stars:

    Aries: Don’t forget to bring your epi-pen. Carol from crafty is back on the job and we’re pretty sure she’s after you and your stupid peanut allergy.

    Taurus: Maybe hold off on P90X night for a bit, I smell a string of 14 hour days in your near future.

    Gemini: For some inexplicable reason the traffic gods have forsaken you and you will spend, on average, 28% more time boiling away in your car.

    Cancer: I know your favorite actor is on set today, but always remember that you are the real star of the show.

    Leo: Dolly tracks will not be your friend this week. I recommend your steel-toed boots.

    Virgo: The producer with the Labradoodle is going to visit set soon. Not only will the producer sh** all over your day, but his dog will too, literally.

    Libra: Remember the oddly specific number of times they said you definitely wouldn’t be going into OT? Yeah...

    Scorpio: Take a moment to stop and thank your lucky charms, because the sugary breakfast cereal is all you’ll be getting from Carol in crafty for the next week.

    Sagittarius: Your aura will drive away those closest to you for reasons beyond your control. But the stars suggest deodorant nonetheless.

    Capricorn: May your lenses be as sharp as the knife the 1st AD is going to stab you with when you tell them you can’t find the bucket of faux cat entrails.

    Aquarius: Remember all those Looney Tunes episodes with anvils falling from above? Keep your head up this week. 

    Pisces: Keep your 1st AD close, but Carol from crafty closer.

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