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  • The SIGMA fp

    The SIGMA fp

    Sigma recently announced the SIGMA fp, which is the world's smallest and lightest full-frame camera with overall dimensions of 112.6x69.9x45.3mm and a body weight of 422g (including battery). It has a full-time electronic shutter, which is designed to minimize shutter shock, sound, and lags in pursuit of a system to adapt to a variety of different shooting scenes. 

    The SIGMA fp also has exceptional options for video creations and artistic picture. For example, it has a color grading mode “Teal and Orange”, which is inspired by a color grade style that has been widely used in Hollywood films. This new color mode is about creating high contrast between orange colors, which are found in human skin tones, and teals (cyan blue), which are their complement, for visuals that are highly vibrant and deeply dramatic. Color mode can be used in both the Still mode and Cine mode. In addition to color mode, Full Light has now been incorporated into the SIGMA fp. Full Light allows adjustment of the brightness of an image by adding extra light energy into the shadow regions without altering the exposure of highlight regions. In doing so, this provides greater control in producing an image with great details, even with areas that are hard to control using the exposure adjustment settings.

    Advanced picture and video generating technologies are also included in the SIGMA fp, such as HDR shooting, Face/Eye Detection AF, and focus peaking. Cinemagraph is also included, which is a feature that makes “Cinemagraphs” which are animated GIFs that are a hybrid between still photography and video. This function is capable of creating unique imagery, where parts of a still image keep moving, in-camera.

    It is an L-Mount, which is a mount optimized for mirrorless cameras, characterized by a short flange focal length, large diameter, and superior durability. The SIGMA fp also supports full-fledged filmmaking. It is the first DSLR camera that supports external recording in 12-bit CinemaDNG format and with up to 4K UHD/24fps recording, it produces video data that can be used in filmmaking. It even supports All-I (All-Intra) recording, which makes it possible to maintain high image quality while reducing file size allowing light data available for recording and editing.The SIGMA fp’s Cine mode comes with a variety of special functions that are comparable to those of professional cinema cameras. For example, shutter angle display and waveform display for exposure and color information, zebra patterning, and functions and screen displays that can be used in the same way as with conventional cinema equipment. 


    Still mode  Cine mode    

    The SIGMA fp is a seamless transition between Still and Cine modes. It has a specially designed operation system and displays for each of the Still mode and the Cine mode. You can easily move back and forth between the two modes with just a switch, which creates a new shooting experience that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional cameras that are designed either for stills or videos.


    The price for the SIGMA fp has not yet been announced, but the release date is scheduled for the fall.

    More information on the SIGMA fo can be found here!

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