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July 29, 2019


Roland's VR-1HD is NEW to our showroom and rentals!

Roland’s VR-1HD AV Streaming Mixer lets you broadcast dynamic multi-camera livestreams that are complete with amazing picture and sound that easily outshines ‘standard’ livestreams from a mobile phone or static webcam. It gives you real engagement in real time. Whether you are a gamer, creator, presenter, or commentator, this system will give you high production standards all while making it the easy way to livestream. The VR-1HD is your ‘plug and play’ broadcast studio, offering three “worry-free” HDMI inputs with each one accepting a variety of HD and computer-based video resolutions. This allows you to easily connect, switch, and stream different sources including cameras, presentations, gameplay, smartphones, and tablets. In addition, the audio from these sources can be blended with the two studio-quality XLR microphone inputs and dedicated line input. Another great feature to the VR-1HD is that it is designed for live broadcasting. It has dedicated controls and a top-mounted mic input (with gooseneck mic) that allows you to go hands-free and headset-free while live-streaming.

Switch to livestreams

The VR-1HD also has built-in Scene Switching, which allows you to instantly jump between scenes that contain preset arrangements of layered sources, all which are displayed within customizable inset windows. You can also set-up scenes in advanced and recall them via the five scene preset buttons to make your livestreaming more interesting.

Video follows audio     Beat sync switching

Another great feature to this system is that the video follows audio. For example, the VR-1HD will switch cameras based on who is speaking into their microphone. In addition, if music starts playing it will also switch between camera inputs based on the playing tempo or the music in your DJ performance.

Transform your voice

The VR-1HD will also allow you to either sound like your best self or not yourself with the Voice Transform feature. This feature allows you to change your voice to sound like a male, female, robot, monster, or even an alien all in real-time.


These are just some of the many features the VR-1HD includes! We have this system, as well as other AV streaming mixers available for both purchase and rent. Schedule a live streaming demo with us to see how it all works!

More information located here!

Or contact us at (858) 467-7111 to schedule a demo.

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