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  • Virtual Meeting

    Upgrade your virtual meetings with custom landing pages and URLs, high-quality video and audio, and stronger security.

    Virtual Meeting Space

    • Custom URL with virtual meeting space. This space will be able to show live or pre-recorded videos and presentations. Live presentation will have the ability to type in questions for live Q&A. Live sessions will be available on demand immediately following each session. Pre-recorded session will be available on demand.
    • Videos of presentation can be set up to be available for download or as a stream only.
    • Virtual Meeting space is fully customizable and can be branded for your company.
    • Site can stay live for event date only or as long as client desires.


    • Virtual meeting space can be programmed with varying levels of security from open site to full registration for site with custom passwords.

    Remote Presentations

    • Remote presentation can be recorded through use of Skype using both a mobile phone and computer. Voice and Video will reach out to presenter over the phone and schedule a virtual appointment to record presentation. V&V tech will interface live with presenter to ensure maximum quality and assist presenter with any technical difficulty.
    • Voice and Video Rentals can also send out a remote presentation kit for presenters. V&V will provide everything needed except a laptop and internet connection.

    Live Recording Options

    • Voice and Video rentals can offer live recording both at your office (San Diego to LA) or you can come to us and present form our 1000 square foot studio.

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