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    PTZ Cameras

    PTZ Cameras

    A PTZ camera, also known as a “robo-cam,” "pan, tilt, zoom" is a camera that sits on or is part of a motorized head unit that allows a camera to pan, tilt, and zoom. PTZ cameras can be mounted in almost any location and can be remotely operated by an operator. They can be used in a variety of settings including, but not limited to, conference rooms, houses of worship, at live and pre-recorded events, and even in virtual productions. PTZ cameras ease the amount of infrastructure a location needs for a camera setup along with cutting down costs of overhead.


    PTZ cameras are pan, tilt and zoom robotic video cameras that allow an operator to control the camera with a physical controller or remotely via network. Traditional PTZ cameras can pan horizontally, tilt vertically, and zoom in on a subject to enhance the image quality without digital pixelation. Newer webcams utilize digital PTZ technology that allows for pan and scan functionality on a 4K image. This lets the user move around a 1080p cropped output on a 4K video source without reducing the quality of the output from digital zoom.

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    PTZ cameras can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, drop pole, or tripod, which makes them perfect for applications where space is limited. Many customers prefer these cameras for their small footprint as they’re less likely to be seen than a tripod-mounted ENG style camera. Many of these cameras have built-in features like preset recall, auto focus, auto white balance, NDI, and PoE to ease the process of setup and recording.


    While other styles of cameras require an operator on each source, PTZ cameras can be linked together and controlled by one operator, overall reducing costs and simplifying productions. PTZ cameras can be controlled via handheld remote, physical controller, or LAN (local area network).


    Great for Virtual Productions, Live Events, Houses of Worship, and Studio Locations.


    PTZ cameras are a perfect solution for applications such as: House of Worship, Broadcast TV, Streaming, Sports/Event Productions, Education/Distance Learning, Corporate Training, and more!

    PTZ Cameras come in various outputs for any situation including SDI, HDMI, Ethernet, and USB. Higher end cameras include advanced features such as auto tracking, facial recognition, NDI connectivity, and 4K resolution.

    PTZ cameras offer a unique solution for growing AV infrastructures and have become a go to for streaming and broadcast production. The ability to run multiple cameras from a single location can be a major benefit for many clients. Pair that with the additional cost savings from reduced personnel and hardware and you’ve got yourself a great solution for multi-cam productions.


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    PTZ cameras offer dynamic options to operate a camera, cut costs, and require minimal support to operate. These cameras are a great resource to add to any facility with a growing AV infrastructure. They enhance conference rooms, make live-streams more dynamic, and provide easy support when limited capabilities are available.


    There are varying levels and options for PTZ cameras, so it’s best to consult with a Voice + Video professional to ensure you get the camera that best suits your needs. If you have any questions please submit a form below or call us at (858) 467-7111 to ask about options and installations.

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