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The 1-Ton ProMaster 1500

Take to the streets with Voice + Videos brand new grip truck featuring a fully customized interior with steel lining, folding shelves, integrated lighting, and plenty of space for additional equipment as well as a roof rack, frame tube, folding ramps, and all of the essential grip & electric gear for small to mid-sized productions.

What's Inside


  • 8x 40" C-Stand 2-Riser
  • 2x 20" C-Stand 2-Riser
  • 2x Heavy Duty 3-Riser Combo
  • 1x Heavy Duty 2-Riser Combo
  • 5x 3 Riser Baby Stands
  • 1x Mini Baby
  • 2x Low Boy Combo 2-RIser
  • 1x Baby Roller 2-Riser
  • 2x 1" Leg Adapter Wheels


  • 1x Baby Offset Arm 14"
  • 2x Baby Plate 3"
  • 2x Duckbill Clamp
  • 2x Scissor Clamp
  • 2x Junior to Baby Adapters
  • 2x Lollipop Grip heads
  • 2x Mafer Clamps
  • 2x Cardellini End Jaw
  • 2x Cardellini Center Jaw
  • 6x Safety Chains (25" -30")
  • 6x #1 Grip Clips
  • 6x #2 Grip Clips
  • 6x #3 Grip Clips
  • 2x 8” C-Clamps w/ 2 Baby Pins
  • 2x 2.5" Grip Head


6x6 Frame Kit

  •     6x6 Solid
  •     6x6 Single
  •     6x6 Double
  •     6x6 Poly Silk
  •     6x6 B/W Bounce
  •     6x6 Unbleached Muslin
  •     6x6 Full Grid
  •     6x6 Half Grid
  •     6x6 Quarter Grid

8x8 Frame Kit

  •     8x8 Solid
  •     8x8 Single
  •     8x8 Double
  •     8x8 Poly Silk
  •     8x8 B/W Bounce
  •     8x8 Unbleached Muslin
  •     8x8 Full Grid
  •     8x8 Half Grid
  •     8x8 Quarter Grid

12x12 Frame Kit

  •     8x8 B/W Bounce
  •     8x8 Full Grid

Flags & Scrims


  • 2x Solid
  • 1x Single
  • 1x Double
  • 1x Poly Silk
  • 1x Storage Bag


  • 2x Solids
  • 1x Open Frame
  • 1x Single
  • 1x Double
  • 1x Poly Silk
  • 1x Storage Bag


  • 4x 4x4 Solid Floppies
  • 1x 4x4 Silk
  • 1x 4x4 Single
  • 1x 4x4 Double
  • 4x 4x4 Open Frame
  • 1x 4x4 Unbleached Muslin
  • 1x 4x4 Ultrabounce Floppy


  • 2x 42"x42" Shiny Boards
  • 2x 4x4 Show Cards
  • 2x 4x4 Beadboards
  • 1x 2x2 Pizza Box

Bags, Distro & Misc


  • 4x 35lb Sandbag
  • 12x 25lb Sandbags


  • 6x 50’ Stingers
  • 6x 25’ Stingers
  • 4x Cubetaps


  • 2x Apple Box Sets
  • 2x Furniture Pads
  • 4x Traffic Cones
  • 1x Fire Extinguisher
  • 1x First Aid Kit
  • 1x 4 Step Ladder
  • 1x 8 Step Ladder

Addons (+$)


  • Gel Rolls (misc) +$.50/ft
  • 10% off equipment rentals


Grip - $550/d

Gaffer - $700/d

All Addons are by request only and additional cost on top of the standard day rate.

What's Required


For rental, we require a copy of your valid Class C drivers license along with a payment card and matching credentials. There will also be a mandatory $100 deposit that is refundable up 48hr prior to the date of pickup.


Insurance is required, no exceptions. A valid COI must be provided for equipment and vehicle coverage with Voice & Video Sales named as "Additionally Insured".

Ask for a sample certificate.


The truck must be returned with a full tank of gas and detailed report of any loss or damage sustained during your rental. You will be provided a list of full inventory upon initial checkout and your tech will help answer any questions.

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