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  • Global Dynamics United: Mil-Spec Accessories Made with RED in Mind

    Global Dynamics United: Mil-Spec Accessories Made with RED in Mind

    We are excited to announce that we now carry an entire lineup of Global Dynamics United products! Cofounded by Jarred Land, the President of RED Digital Cinema, GDU products are both military grade quality and designed to fit any camera in any situation, but are most at home when paired with a RED camera. Their products range from ultra sturdy quick release plates, custom-carved grips, modified Canon lenses, and rock-solid aluminum lens caps for keeping that precious sensor shielded from the elements.

    GDU 40mm Lens, PL Lens Cap, and Touch n Go Baseplates

     Each GDU lens is hand assembled in Los Angeles to give your gear that extra ‘Made in America’ feel. The GDU Touch n Go quick release plates are available in 3 different sizes and feature an all metal sliding mechanism that audibly snaps into place making sure everyone within a 25 foot radius knows your camera is locked and loaded. But with the press of a button and flick of the wrist, releases the plate with ease, giving you the ability to go from shoulder to tripod in seconds, keeping you nimble and saving you precious time on set. Come by our showroom to see these beauties in-person or check out our wicked pics on Facebook and Instagram!

    Order from our full list of our GDU offerings here!

    And visit them directly here!

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