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  • Zoom AMS-44 4x2 USB Audio Interface for Music and Streaming


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    On-the-go musicians looking for a compact and versatile audio interface will appreciate the streamlined and easy-to-use feature set on the Zoom AMS-44, an ultraportable solution with four TRS/XLR inputs, two TRS outputs, two headphone jacks, a USB Type-C connector, and modes for both streaming and recording applications.

    Plug your instruments or microphones into the TRS/XLR inputs, and power condenser mics by engaging the 48V phantom power switch. Input 1 features a Hi-Z switch for guitar players. Monitor via the two 3.5mm headphone jacks or connect monitor speakers to the stereo TRS output. The AMS-44 supports 24-bit resolution recordings at sampling rates up to 96 kHz. The interface operates on bus power from your computer, but can also be powered by two AA batteries or an AC power adapter (available separately), if you're using it with a smartphone or tablet for example. Direct monitoring and loopback functions make recording overdubs and adding music to your streams simple and easy.

    4 TRS/XLR Inputs, 2 TRS Outputs, and 2 Headphone Jacks

    Perfect for mobile recording or streaming, the AMS-44 includes four XLR/TRS combo inputs. It also includes two 3.5mm headphone outputs and 2 TRS outputs for external monitors.

    Switch Between Music and Streaming Modes

    Use the AMS series on any device and integrate seamlessly with commonly used software, apps, and platforms thanks to its support for Mac and PC computers, along with iOS and Android devices. In Streaming mode, all inputs are combined into a single signal, so you can easily stream without needing additional complicated software. In Music mode, you can record into your DAW with expanded input and output routing options.

    Quick Control

    With onboard hardware switches, the AMS-44 is designed to simplify common streaming challenges without the need for additional software. Intuitive knobs allow you to control input gain and monitoring levels. Group the two inputs together using the Stereo switch.

    Onboard Monitoring

    Use the Direct Monitor Switch to directly send the input signal to your headphones while routing the same signal to your DAW or streaming software.


    The Loopback Switch combines the input audio with playback from your computer and routes it to your streaming software. This is perfect for adding background music to your stream or singing live with an instrumental track.
    Key Features
    • For Mobile Musicians and Performers
    • Switch for Music/Streaming Function
    • Four TRS/XLR Combo Inputs
    • Two 1/4" TRS Outputs
    • Two 3.5mm Headphone Jacks
    • Use with Computer or Mobile Device
    • 48V Phantom Power for Microphones
    • Up to 24-Bit / 96 kHz Recordings
    • Direct Monitoring and Loopback Function
    • Power: USB, AA Batteries, or AC Adapter

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