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X-Rite i1 ColorChecker Filmmaker Kit


Created for filmmakers with demanding color accuracy needs, the i1 ColorChecker Filmmaker Kit from X-Rite bundles the advanced colorimeter, for calibrating all monitors on a production, along with the video-intended ColorChecker for to help achieve accurate color balance when grading footage.

X-Rite i1Display Pro Plus Colorimeter

A versatile colorimeter well-suited for photography and filmmaking applications, the i1Display Pro Plus from X-Rite is an updated version of their i1Display Pro designed to handle brighter monitor designs, up to 2000 cd/m2. Suitable for OLED, LED, and other contemporary monitor types, as well as projectors and mobile devices, this colorimeter also supports wide gamut and HDR workflows to ensure accurate and consistent colors. Working in conjunction with the included i1Profiler software, this advanced calibration tool also helps to create different profiles depending on your surroundings by measuring ambient light conditions, including specific flare and glare issues. Consistent profiles can be ported over to multiple display configurations, as well as multiple groups of monitors in a single location for greater consistency from machine to machine. Additionally, it supports manual setting of the monitor's white point and also can work in conjunction with Pantone Color Manager software for spot color requirement