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  • Wooden Camera Zip Box Flag Set (Top and Sides)

    Wooden Camera

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    The Zip Box Flag Set (Top and Sides) from Wooden Camera is designed to work with any WC Zip Box (4" x 4", 4" x 5.6", or 138mm round). This set consists of one "eyebrow"/top flap, plus two side flaps. Use the flags individually or together on the matte box to further shade your lens from flares or other unwanted light sources. These lightweight plastic flaps clip onto the matte box without tools.


    • Flags work with all three Wooden Camera Zip Box sizes (4" x 4", 4" x 5.6", or 138mm round)
    • Enhances the matte box's light-deflecting capabilities; blocks flares and other unwanted light sources
    • Sides and top flap may used individually or together
    • Lightweight, clip-on flags can be quickly attached without tools