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  • Westcott Illuminator Collapsible 2-in-1 Sunlight/White Bounce Reflector (48 x 72")


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    Key Features
    • Reversible Reflector
    • White Surface Adds Neutral Highlights
    • Sunlight Surface Adds Warming Highlights
    • Ideal for Portraiture and Product Photos
    • Collapses to Approximately 1/3 Open Size
    • Includes Carrying Case

    The 48 x 72" Illuminator Collapsible 2-in-1 Sunlight/White Bounce Reflector from Westcott is a great way to open up shadows and enhance your portraiture, macro, or product work. The reflector is reversible, with a white side to offer neutral fill light and highlights, and a sunlight side that combines silver and gold to produce warm highlights that are especially complimentary to skin tones.

    The reflector's double-riveted sprung steel frames have a limited lifetime warranty, open and close quickly, and easily fold down to approximately 1/3 their open size for compact storage within the included travel case.

    SKU 1708-N