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Tiltaing Pocket V-Mount Battery Plate


Mount a V-mount battery on your camera or gimbal rig using the Tiltaing Pocket V-Mount Battery Plate from Tilta. This ultracompact plate attaches to your cage or gimbal rig using a quick release V-mount base and the included screws. It provides a mechanical mount for using your V-mount battery with a D-Tap or other power output; the plate itself does not transmit power.

This is purely a mounting solution for a V-mount battery—no power ports are included on the plate itself.

Compact Design

Measuring just 3 x 2", this plate is perfect for use on gimbals and smaller camera rigs

Quick Release System

V-mount battery plate mounts via a screw-on V-mount base

Durable Construction

Aluminum and stainless steel construction


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