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  • Tilta Power Pass-Through Plate Kit for DJI RS 2 (Gold Mount)


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    The Gold mount Tilta Power Pass-Through Plate Kit for DJI RS 2 attaches to the RS 2 gimbal in place of the standard camera sled and lets you power your camera and multiple accessories using an optional Gold mount battery. When used individually, the Power Pass-Through Plate is designed to connect to the Tilta Power Supply Base Plate for DJI RS 2. But when combined with the battery plate included in this kit, it lets you simply attach a battery for power.

    The Pass-Through Plate supports the standard RS 2 quick release plate and the Manfrotto extender plate supported by the gimbal. It offers two D-Tap and two 2-pin LEMO ports. All four ports can be used as outputs for your camera and accessories (whereas when the Pass-Through Plate is used without the included battery plate, one of the ports can function as an input for the Tilta Power Supply Base Plate mentioned above).

    The Pass-Through Plate also allows for improved balancing of your camera and better overall gimbal performance, thanks to a more optimized center of gravity.

    14.8V Outputs

    Four 14.8V D-Tap and 2-pin LEMO outputs deliver a minimum of 12V to your camera and accessories, such as a follow focus motor

    Tilta Float and Hydra Alien Compatibility

    The Pass-Through Plate kit can also be paired with the Tilta Hydra Alien Car Mount and Tilta Float systems

    Shoe Mount for Raven Eye and More

    On the bottom of the plate is a shoe mount that supports the DJI Raven Eye system, Tilta wireless video mounting bracket, and power supply plate, all sold separately