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Tilta Battery Plate for DJI RS 2 Dual-Handle Power Supply Bracket


Key Features
  • Designed for Dual-Handle Power Bracket
  • V-Mount or Gold Battery Plate
  • Mounts Directly on Power Supply Bracket
  • Aluminum and Steel Construction
  • Power Gimbal and Accessories
  • Screwdriver Included

Power your DJI RS 2 gimbal and accessories using a high-capacity professional battery when it's mounted using the Dual-Handle Power Supply Bracket with this Battery Plate from Tilta. The aluminum and stainless steel battery plate accepts a single, separately available V-mount battery to power your camera, gimbal, and a variety of accessories. It mounts directly onto the Tilta Dual-Handle Power Supply Bracket. The plate has no power outputs so to power your gear, ensure that your battery has built-in power outputs such as D-Tap or USB.



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