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  • Tilta Adjustable Cold Shoe Accessory Mounting Bracket (Black)


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    Key Features
    • Robust Monitor Mount for Camera Cages
    • 1/4"-20 and Shoe Mount with Thumbwheels
    • Tension-Based Tilt Adjustment
    • Padded Platform with Edge Lip

    Made of robust aluminum and stainless steel, Tilta's Adjustable Cold Shoe Accessory Mounting Bracket, in black, is used to attach a monitor or other accessory to a camera's hot shoe or a camera cage shoe mount. Featuring tension-based tilt adjustment and a separate thumbwheel for the top 1/4"-20 screw and bottom cold shoe, the bracket allows for efficient, tool-free attachment and adjustment of your accessories. The mounting platform is padded and also has an edge lip to better hold your accessory and prevent twisting and scratching.