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  • SmallRig Mini Follow Focus 3010B


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    The Mini Follow Focus 3010B from SmallRig is an adjustable, manual follow focus that mounts to the left side of your lens. It features a fluid focus knob that ensures smooth focus control and precision with its adjustable AB hard stops and is easily mounted using the included 15mm rod clamp with NATO rail. It also includes a 6" 15mm rod, an 0.8 MOD/43T gear, and an adjustable, belt-style focus gear ring.

    The anti-slip and anti-sweat focus knob prevents moisture build-up and provides comfortable dampening control. The belt-style lens gear ring wraps around the lens and different size gear rings with different gear teeth measurements may be utilized. A replaceable marking ring is included in the package.

    • Standard 15mm rod
    • NATO rail accessories
    • Standard 0.8 MOD lens and focus gear rings
    • SmallRig 0.8 MOD / 65T gear 3200
    • SmallRig 0.8 MOD / 43T gear
    • SmallRig 0.8 MOD / 38T gear 3285
    • SmallRig Φ62.5-64.5 Seamless Focus Gear Ring 3291
    • SmallRig Φ66-68 Seamless Focus Gear Ring 3292
    • SmallRig Φ72-74 Seamless Focus Gear Ring 3293
    • SmallRig Φ75-77 Seamless Focus Gear Ring 3294
    • SmallRig Φ78-80 Seamless Focus Gear Ring 3295
    • SmallRig Φ81-83 Seamless Focus Gear Ring 3296
    • SmallRig Tie-style focus gear ring supports lens diameter up to Φ114mm
    • SmallRig Standard joystick and focus whip

    Key Features

    • Lightweight, Compact Follow Focus
    • 6" 15mm Rod & Rod Clamp are Included
    • Adjustable AB Hard Stops
    • Adjustable Focus Gear Ring, 0.8 MOD Gear
    • Interchangeable Gears & Focus Gear Rings
    • Anti-Slip Focus Knob
    • Designed for Left-Side Use
    • Replaceable Marking Ring


    SKU 3010b