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  • SmallRig MagicFIZ Wireless Follow Focus Basic Kit


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    Key Features

    • Wireless Handwheel Controller & Motor
    • L-Series Battery Plate, Handgrip Adapter
    • 15mm Rod Clamp, 15mm Rod, NATO Rail
    • 2 x Follow Focus Gear Rings, USB-C Cable
    • Removable Marking Disk, Carry Bag

    Get started with wireless follow focus control with this MagicFIZ Wireless Follow Focus Basic Kit from SmallRig. The kit includes everything you need to start controlling your lens focus using a precise handwheel controller and a high-torque focus motor. The kit also allows you to control run/stop on your camera using an optional cable.

    Other features include wireless control from up to 328' away, an anti-interference algorithm, A-B stops, QC/PD fast charging, an 0.8 MOD cine gear, 20-hour operation, and a low-power OLED display. A carry bag is included to store and transport the entire kit.

    This controller is only compatible with SmallRig Wireless Follow Focus System components.
    SmallRig Wireless Handwheel Controller
    Wirelessly control your follow focus motor from up to 328' away with this Wireless Handwheel Controller from SmallRig. The controller is part of the Wireless Follow Focus System ecosystem and connects to the separately available Wireless Receiver Motor for fine focus control. It features a built-in 1400mAh battery that allows the controller to be used for up to 20 hours.

    Features of the handwheel controller include a power failure memory function to save recalibration, A-B point settings, a low-power OLED display, a replaceable marking disk, and a vibration warning function. Its wireless anti-interference algorithm allows a clean connection and provides ultra-low-latency control. The controller battery is charged via a separately available USB-C power cable.

    This controller is only compatible with SmallRig Wireless Follow Focus System components.
    Key Features
    Built-in 1400mAh battery lasts approximately 20 hours
    Power-failure memory
    Ultra-low-power OLED screen with user-friendly interaction
    High-precision BLDC control algorithm and anti-interference encryption algorithm
    Replaceable marking disk
    SmallRig Wireless Receiver Motor
    This Wireless Receiver Motor from SmallRig is a compact, wireless follow focus motor designed for use with the SmallRig Wireless Follow Focus System, including compatibility with the wireless handgrip and handwheel controller. The wireless motor features a clear 0.5" OLED display that provides calibration data and a standard 0.8 MOD cine gear to fit a wide variety of DSLR and cine lenses. When powered using a separately available PD power source, it features a strong torque up to 0.5 Nm.

    The motor can be powered using its USB-C input by utilizing a separately available L-series battery plate, or you can use a D-Tap or DC cable to power from an external V-mount or Gold mount battery or battery plate. A second USB-C port can also pass run/stop controls to a compatible camera. It also supports PD/QC fast charge power sources up to 9V/18W. The motor can be mounted onto your rig using its single, built-in 15mm rod clamp.

    This motor is only compatible with SmallRig Wireless Follow Focus System components.
    49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82/86/80/85/90/95/114mm DSLR camera lens and cine lens
    15mm rod support system
    M0.8 lens and follow focus lens gear ring
    Incompatible with non-SmallRig wireless follow focus system
    PD/QC fast charging protocol
    SmallRig L-Series Battery Plate for Wireless Follow Focus Motor
    Power your wireless follow focus motor using an L-series battery using this L-Series Battery Plate from SmallRig. This lightweight battery plate accepts a separately available, high-capacity Sony NP-F/L-series type battery, and it provides power to your SmallRig wireless follow focus motor. The plate mounts directly onto the contacts on the motor, so there is no need for an additional cable.
    SmallRig Wireless Handwheel Controller Marking Disk Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty SmallRig Wireless Receiver Motor Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty SmallRig L-Series Battery Plate for Wireless Follow Focus Motor Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty Handgrip Adapter 15mm Rod Rod Clamp with NATO Rail 2 x Snap-On Follow Focus Gear Ring USB-C Cable Wrench Carry Bag