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SHAPE NP-F980 Dual Charger with Two 6600mAh Lithium-Ion Batteries


Key Features
  • Two 7.4V, 6600mAh L-Series Batteries
  • 16.8V Charger
  • Charge Two Batteries Simultaneously
  • Clear LCD Charger Display

The Shape NP-F980 Dual Charger with Two 6600mAh Lithium-Ion Batteries set is designed to provide all you need to power Sony L-series cameras, Atomos monitors, SmallHD monitors, or any equipment that accepts an L-series NP-F980 battery. This set includes a 16.8V charger and two 7.4V, 6600mAh batteries.

The 100-240V dual charger features two L-series NP-F980 battery plates and an LCD display which shows battery charging status. The charger provides 1.5A when a single battery is in the charger and provides 1A to each battery when both are charging simultaneously. The charger has a pre-charging feature which helps to extend your battery's life. It also features a USB output which provides 5V, 2100mA to a smartphone or small device while the charger is plugged into an AC source.

The batteries feature a 5V USB port which can be used to charge the battery with a wall plug or USB power source. Battery capacity can be quickly checked via the 4-segment LED meter. Their box-like design can be easily stacked for storage, or packed away in a case for transport. The batteries have no memory effect and are fully decoded so they can be fully charged with accurate power metering.

A wall AC power cable is included with the charger.


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