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SHAPE 65Wh BP-U65 Lithium-Ion Battery


Key Features
  • 65Wh Li-Ion BP-U65 Battery
  • 14.8V, 5200mAh Capacity
  • 4-LED Power Gauge
  • D-Tap and USB Accessory Ports

The Shape 65Wh BP-U65 Lithium-Ion Battery is designed for Sony BP-U type mounts which power Sony PMW or PXW series cameras. This 14.8V, 5200mAh battery has no memory effect and is decoded so it can be fully charged with accurate power metering.

A D-Tap output is provided to charge video accessories or the camera, and a 5V USB port is provided for charging smartphones or on-set mobile devices. Both ports can also be used to charge the battery with a USB or D-Tap power source. Battery capacity can be quickly checked via the 4-segment LED meter. The battery's box-like design can be easily stacked for storage or packed away in a case for transport.

Compatible Sony Cameras

  • PXW-FS5, PXW-FS7, PXW-X180
  • PMW-100, PMW-150, PMW-150P, PMW-160, PMW-200, PMW-300
  • PMW-F3, PMW-F3K, PMW-F3L
Replacement for battery models BP-U90, BP-U96, BP-U60, and BP-U30

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