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  • Rycote Overcovers (6 Mic Fur Discs with Stickies (2 Black, 2 Gray, and 2 White))


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    Key Features
    • 6 Overcover Fur Covers
    • 30 Adhesive Stickies
    • Reduces Lavalier Wind Noise
    • Affixes to Skin or Clothing
    • Colors: 2 x Black, 2 x Gray, 2 x White

    Rycote Overcovers are small circular fur microphone covers intended to mount over lavalier microphones while worn on clothing or bare skin. The Overcovers greatly reduce wind and contact noise during operation, and the included Rycote stickies are used to affix the microphone and Overcover to material, skin, and more. This package contains a set of 6 Overcover fur covers, and 30 Stickies (disposable adhesive pads).