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  • Rode SMR Rycote Lyre Suspension Shock Mount


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    You work too hard to get great recordings to trust your sound to anything but the RODE SMR shockmount. The SMR employs Rycote's double-Lyre suspension system to absorb and diffuse the vibrations that come from issues such as bumping into the mic stand in the vocal booth, thumps on the table when you're podcasting, or floor vibrations from people stomping around in the apartment next door. And with a clamping system that has a larger surface area, you won't have to over-tighten the locking thread and end the life of your shockmount too soon. RODE's SMR shockmount also comes with a high-quality removable metal pop filter and a base nut, making your new microphone setup complete.

     Isolating suspension you can believe in

    The SMR's Lyre suspension system for your large diaphragm condenser microphone gives you an acoustically superior shockmount without rubberbands to replace, giving you years of worry-free shock protection. Each Lyre has a smaller inner-Lyre that is mounted on two separate surfaces of the shockmount to dissipate vibrations. The inner Lyre acts as a tensioning element to keep the Lyres in the most efficient position to keep even the smallest of vibrations from invading your tracks. Your Sales Engineer and Sweetwater understand how critical your recording is, and this solution helps you get quality, professional recordings.

    RODE SMR Shockmount Features:

    • Greatly reduces handling for large diaphragm condensor microphones
    • Dual-Lyre suspension system isolates mic to reduce unwanted noise
    • Includes removable metal windscreen
    • Constructed from engineering-grade reinforced polymer
    • Can be used with most large diaphragm condenser microphones

    For a pro solution for your recordings it's the RODE SMR!