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  • RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC2 Jetpack Expander (SDI) (USED)

    RED Digital Cinema

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    This is a used item previously in our rental department, it still in good functioning condition. This item is final sale.

    This RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC2 Jetpack Expander module attaches to your RED camera BRAIN providing output interfaces. Made from magnesium, this Expander module is extremely light and strong. Its main purpose is to provide a DC power connection and an SDI output for monitoring or recording from your RED camera; however, it also incorporates a Gigabit Ethernet connection for streaming high-quality footage. In addition to 3G-SDI and Gigabit Ethernet, the Expander also provides DC power in, AUX power, Sync, and CTRL connections. All connections are downward-facing to reduce the footprint when the camera is mounted on a gimbal or other stabilizer, for easier balancing when using larger lenses.

    In addition to the output connections, the Jetpack Expander enables you to boot your camera automatically when power is provided to the Expander's DC-in port. This is a useful feature for when the camera is set up in a difficult-to-access location, and you can boot the camera merely by connecting its power cord to an appropriate power source. This Expander module works with DSMC2 camera bodies running firmware version 6.3 or later.

    The Jetpack Expander mounts on your camera using four captive screws. It connects using the 13-pin pogo connector for power and a 40-pin I/O connector for communication, data, and video.
    Incorporates robust industry standard connectors for 3G-SDI, Gigabit Ethernet, DC-in, AUX power, Sync (genlock in, timecode in, and sync in), and CTRL (tally out, RS-232 RX/TX) functions. The Expander module is built to withstand the rigors of the production day.
    Automatically boot your camera from a remote location by powering it through the Expander module's DC-in port. The control for this functionality is an on/off slider switch, and it enables you to power the camera on from a distance instead of having to manually access and boot it.

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