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RED Brick Power Pack

RED Digital Cinema

The RED BRICK® Power Pack is tailored for DSMC® and DSMC2 cameras and includes two (2) RED BRICKs, a RED BRICK Charger, and a RED 2B-To-1B LEMO Power Cable (10’). This power package delivers all the essential components for powering your camera using long lasting RED BRICK batteries. RED BRICKs are supported by V-Mount battery modules, expanders, and the DSMC Battery Belt Clip.

The RED 2B-To-1B LEMO Power Cable (10’) enables you to connect and power your DSMC or DSMC2 directly from the RED BRICK Charger.

NOTE: The RED 2B-To-1B LEMO Power Cable is NOT compatible with RED ONE®. The RED ONE DC Power Cable (10’) is required to power a RED ONE using the RED Charger.

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