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PTZOptics 4D IP Joystick Controller (GEN3)

PTZ Optics

Offering control for up to 253 PTZ cameras, PTZOptics' 4D IP Joystick Controller (GEN3) uses the Sony VISCA-over-IP protocol for effectively latency-free operation. The 4D joystick and keyboard unit can be used with all PTZOptics cameras or with other VISCA-over-IP cameras.

This third-generation controller has been redesigned to provide access to the finest camera detail settings and offers the ability to set custom PTZ speeds and presets for each camera. Quick-switching hotkeys are provided for up to six cameras, and its focus lock/unlock buttons enable you to customize focus settings for each camera.

Pan and tilt with the 4D joystick and twist simultaneously for focus and zoom control. Adjust camera settings via the keypad buttons and view status and menu choices on the panel's LCD screen. Offering advanced control for professionals yet easy enough for general users, the 4D IP Joystick Controller (GEN3) can be powered using PoE (Power over Ethernet) or via the included 12V power supply.


  • Third-generation redesign with advanced PTZ speed controls, focus lock/unlock controls, and access to OSD menu
  • Sony VISCA-over-IP protocol effectively eliminates latency
  • Offers advanced pro-style control but is easy enough to operate by general users
  • Control up to 253 PTZOptics cameras or other VISCA-over-IP PTZ cameras
  • 4D joystick offers simultaneous pan, tilt, zoom, and focus control
  • Quick-switching hotkeys for up to six cameras
  • LED status and menu display
  • Power via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or the included 12V power supply