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Noga NF Cine Arm QR Set with 1/4"-20 Quick Release on Both Ends (4.42")


The 4.42" NF Cine Arm QR Set from Noga supports up to 6.6 lb and provides the convenience of 1/4"-20 quick release mounts on both ends of a 3-joint support arm. Each quick release adapter enables you to mount or detach an accessory or remove the arm from your rig without the bother of unscrewing the mount.

Similar in design to an interchangeable blade screwdriver, the AD4000 quick release adapters work by pulling back on a sleeve to quickly release your component. This rugged, lightweight support features arms of equal length for increased strength and resistance. An easy-to-use Kipp-style lever fastens all three joints simultaneously.

Key Features
  • 2 x AD4000 1/4"-20 QR Adapters
  • 4.42" Length
  • Supports up to 6.6 lb Capacity
  • Kipp-Type Lever Locks Quickly & Securely
  • Central Lock Fastens All 3 Joints 

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