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Nanlite Hard Case for PavoTube II 30X 4-Light Kit


This is an SKB hard case that's been customized to protectively hold a Nanlite PavoTube II 30X 4-Light Kit and all of the power adapters and basic accessories (this product is the case only — the lights and accessories are sold separately). This case features a hard, ultra-high strength exterior, custom foam cutouts for 4 PavoTube 30X LED tube lights and accessories and built-in wheels. Trigger-release latches help seal the gasketed lid, making the case absolutely watertight. Loops are provided so you can secure the case with a pad lock (sold separately) and a rubber-molded cushioned handle lets you grip the case comfortably.

  • A CUSTOM HARD CASE FOR PAVOTUBE II 30X 4-KIT - This case features custom foam cutout to protectively hold a Nanlite PavoTube II 30X 4-Light kit and accessories
  • ULTRA-HIGH STRENGTH EXTERIOR - This is a durable case that was built for the fast-paced and demanding world of location shooting
  • FOAM CUTOUTS FOR PAVOTUBE 30X - Features dedicated foam inserts that protect the lights an accessories for PavoTube 30X
  • BUILT-IN WHEELS - A set of built-in wheels make traveling from location to location a little bit easier
  • WE BELIEVE IN OUR QUALITY - Includes a 2-year limited warranty that you can extend to 3-years for free when you register online, with nearly 30 years of manufacturing photo and video lighting products, you can have confidence in our quality



  • Product Length (in) : 53
  • Product Width (in) : 17
  • Product Height (in) : 6.75
  • Product Weight (lb) : 22.8


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