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  • Nanlite MixPad 27 Tunable RGB Hard and Soft LED Panel


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    The MixPad 27 Tunable RGB Hard and Soft LED Panel from NanLite is a fixture with a unique design that allows you to switch from the traditional soft output to a harder light output for sharp-shadow effects, with greater intensity that's ideal for long-throw work. The 13.7 x 9.4 x 1.6" panel's profile coupled with negligible generated heat makes it conducive to positioning in tight spaces where larger fixtures can't go. Flexibility is key to the MixPad 27's design. The light has color temperature that's variable from 3200 to 5600K to blend in seamlessly with ambient light conditions, match other fixtures, or express creative effects. It also has an RGB mode that enables its red, green, and blue SMD LEDs to select from 360 colors with hue control that produces myriad color combinations. Light intensity is variable as well, from 0 to 100%. The MixPad 27 can run on AC current via included adapter but it can also be powered by optional NP-F batteries when mains power is unavailable.