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Matthews Matthbounce Floppy (40 x 40")


The 4 x 4' line of Matthews silks, scrims, and flags have always been a popular item but just a tad large for travel—hence the birth of the 40 x 40" Matthbounce Floppy. The larger 48 x 48" sizes require a van or grip truck for traveling, whereas shaving 8" on all sides makes this Floppy more manageable in tight spaces and allows it to fit in nearly all "wagons" or SUVs.

Although you might be fooled initially by its black exterior, simply undo the touch fasteners at the corners and the Matthbounce flops open to become a large 40 x 80" white reflector with a nice return and soft quality of light. Structurally, the Matthbounce is impressive. The frame is hollow steel tubing to cut down on weight, while the solid steel mounting rod can stand up to years of heavy use.

Collections: Grip Essentials, What's Hot

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